• Raphaël joined Andera Partners in 2001.
  • Since joining Andera he has worked on numerous investments, M&As and IPOs. Raphaël has in depth experience in all types of transactions gained both in banking and in Venture Capital.
  • He sits on the boards of Poxel, ReViral, MedDay Pharmaceuticals, Grey Wolf Therapeutics, Enyo Pharma, Dynacure, Artios, AM Pharma and Exciva. He was also a board member of Axonics Modulation Technologies, Novagali Pharma, Pangenetics, Chase Pharmaceuticals, Oncoethix and Vessix Vascular until their acquisition by large pharmaceutical or medical device companies.
  • Raphaël began his career in London, where he spent seven years in the healthcare and investment banking industries. He was first part of the finance department of Générale de Santé International in London, the largest private hospitals group in the UK, where he held treasury and investment analysis functions.
  • He subsequently worked in the healthcare groups of the Investment Banking divisions of Salomon Smith Barney (1996-1999) and Goldman Sachs (1999-2001). During his years in investment banking, Raphaël participated in many M&A and capital raising deals within pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biotechnology and services companies.
  • Raphaël graduated from the French business school HEC in 1993 and received a Master’s in Applied Economics from Institut d’Etudes Politiques in 1994.

20 years to sow

Investments of Raphaël

11.2017 - BioDiscovery In portfolio


Novel enzymatic therapy for solid and liquid tumours

04.2018 - BioDiscovery In portfolio

GreyWolf Therapeutics

Small molecules to increase tumor detection by the immune system

12.2018 - BioDiscovery In portfolio

Atlantic Therapeutics

Electrostimulation device for stress incontinence

06.2018 - BioDiscovery In portfolio

Enyo Pharma

Petites molécules pour le traitement de l’hépatite B chronique et de la NASH

07.2019 - BioDiscovery In portfolio

AM Pharma

Recombinant protein for the treatment of Sepsis-Associated Acute Kidney Injury

07.2018 - BioDiscovery In portfolio


Antisense nucleotides for the treatment of neuromuscular rare disorders

08.2018 - BioDiscovery In portfolio

Artios Pharma

Small molecules for the treatment of cancer

01.2019 - BioDiscovery In portfolio


Small molecule for the treatment of behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia in AD

03.2016 - BioDiscovery In portfolio

MedDay Pharmaceuticals

Small molecule for the treatment of progressive multiple sclerosis

09.2015 - BioDiscovery In portfolio


Small molecules as a therapeutic treatment for RSV infection

03.2014 - BioDiscovery In portfolio


Neuromodulation technology for the treatment of incontinence

06.2010 - BioDiscovery In portfolio


Development of small molecules for the treatment of Type 2 diabetes

05.2014 - BioDiscovery Sold

CHASE Pharmaceuticals

Novel approach to increase efficacy and safety of marketed Alzheimer's drugs

07.2013 - BioDiscovery Sold


Small molecules for haematological cancer treatment