The Andera Partners foundation

Andera Partners has an accelerated sponsorship approach since 2018, marked by the creation of the Andera Partners Foundation in 2021, hosted by the Fondation de France.

The Andera Partners Foundation acts at different levels, through financial support and skills sponsorship, but also through the direct involvement of its teams in concrete initiatives with supported associations.

The Foundation is managed by an Executive Committee, composed of 5 members from the Andera Partners teams and 3 independent members.

100k€ in donations
associations supported
Hosted by the Fondation de France


The Andera Partners Foundation has been supporting associations whose actions resonate with its values for several years. The Foundation mobilizes its support around 4 themes identified by the management company as priorities for its commitment to sustainable development:

  • Environmental preservation
  • Education
  • Health
  • Fight against discrimination

Article 1

Article 1 is an association that has been working since 2004 in favor of young people from low-income backgrounds, ensuring that their educational path, success in higher education, and professional integration are not dependent on social, economic, or cultural origins. Article 1's actions are deployed throughout the country thanks to 11 regional branches spread across the territories. Article 1 supports young people from low-income backgrounds from high school to the professional world in their orientation, success, and personal development through 3 programs: ORIENTATION: Fighting self-censorship and guiding high school students in their choice of studies. / SUCCESS: Succeeding in studies and building one's educational and professional project with confidence and ambition. / DEVELOPMENT: Realizing and revealing the richness of one's background to strengthen employability.

Laurette Fugain

Since 2002, the Laurette Fugain association has been working with energy and determination alongside all those who are committed to fighting against leukemia and all forms of blood cancer. Patients are at the center of their attention, as well as their families, caregivers, researchers, life donors, and those who offer an additional chance to overcome the disease. The association works on three main missions: Supporting pediatric and adult medical research on leukemia and more broadly on blood cancers. / Mobilizing for vital life donations essential to the patient's healing journey (blood, platelets, plasma, bone marrow, umbilical cord blood). / Supporting patients and their families.

The Sea Cleaners

Created in 2016, The Sea Cleaners offers concrete solutions against plastic pollution, both at sea and on land, through corrective and preventive missions. As an Observer Member of the United Nations Environment Programme and supported by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and the French International Chamber of Commerce network, The Sea Cleaners has four missions: Environmental protection through the collection of floating waste and the cleanup of waste on land with its teams of volunteers. / Education and pedagogy, through the development of awareness-raising actions among affected populations, the general public, and decision-makers. / Scientific research. / Promotion of the transition to a circular economy.

La Maison des Femmes

Founded in 2016, the Maison des femmes de Saint-Denis is a facility for women in need or victims of violence. The objective is to provide concrete and comprehensive assistance to women in difficulty, in the areas of prevention, education, and public health. The Maison des femmes now has nearly 80 people involved in the fight against violence against women. It is a unique model, with recognized expertise and know-how, bringing together professionals in healthcare, law, justice, therapists, artists, and athletes distributed within 4 specialized care units: the Sexual Health and Abortion Unit, the Female Genital Mutilation Unit, the Domestic Violence, Family, Sexual, and Gender-Based Violence Unit, and the Coralis Unit for victims of sexual assault and rape.

h’up Entrepreneurs

Founded in 2008, H'UP supports entrepreneurs with disabilities for the success of their businesses, with a team of 180 entrepreneurs and volunteer consultants. Since its inception, the H'UP incubator has brought about nearly 200 business creation projects. Andera Partners particularly supports the "H'UP Academy" acceleration program. This individual and collective journey aims to propel the activities of ambitious entrepreneurs with disabilities over 9 months! Each cohort consists of a maximum of 20 people, including creators with their proof of concept, established entrepreneurs, business leaders, as well as entrepreneurs facing growth or scaling challenges.