• Olivier joined Andera Partners in 2006.
  • Olivier holds a PhD in molecular microbiology from University of Munich (LMU). During his scientific work he focused on fundamental and applied sciences relating to molecular regulation mechanisms in antibiotic biosynthesis.
  • In 1998, Olivier joined Mercer Management Consulting in Munich to work on strategic business projects in the healthcare and other industries,  in Europe, the US, and Asia.
  • Attracted by the emerging biotechnology industry in continental Europe, Olivier joined 3i’s Munich-based Life Sciences practice in 2000. There, he was responsible for investing and managing Life Sciences portfolio companies in Germany, in both biotechnology and medical devices. In 2004, he moved to Paris and led the Life Sciences Venture Capital activities for 3i in France, were he accompanied several exits in the legacy portfolio and invested in new companies in France and in the US. During his tenure at 3i, Olivier became acquainted with the Life Sciences team of Andera, and decided to join them in 2006 to jointly build up the activity to one of the leading players in Europe.
  • Olivier currently serves on the board of Ariceum, FIRE 1, Mineralys, Targed, MMI Microsystems, T-Knife, Arvelle Therapeutics, Allecra Therapeutics, HighLife Medical, MedLumics, Tricares and JenaValve. He was also a board member of Corvidia, Sapiens, Endosense, Novexel and Supersonic Imagine up until their respective acquisitions by large pharmaceutical or medical device companies.


Investments of Olivier

04.2023 - andera Life Sciences In portfolio


Novel medicines for systemic targeted radiotherapy to visualize and treat cancer

03.2023 - andera Life Sciences In portfolio


Technology for heart failure patients

06.2022 - andera Life Sciences In portfolio

Mineralys Therapeutics

Clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company committed to developing a best-in-class, novel therapy for the treatment of hypertension

02.2022 - andera Life Sciences In portfolio


Biotechnology company focused on developing improved treatments for thrombotic diseases

12.2018 - andera Life Sciences In portfolio


Thérapie cellulaire pour le traitement de cancers

12.2018 - andera Life Sciences In portfolio

Highlife Medical

Valve mitrale

04.2018 - andera Life Sciences Sold

Corvidia Therapeutics

Molécule pour le traitement de l’inflammation chez les patients insuffisants rénaux

04.2018 - andera Life Sciences In portfolio

Medical Micro Instruments

Dispositif robotique pour des opérations de microchirurgie

03.2017 - andera Life Sciences In portfolio


Nouvelle génération de cathéter d'ablation pour le traitement de l'arythmie cardiaque

04.2013 - andera Life Sciences In portfolio


Agents anti-infectieux contre les bactéries multi-résistantes

08.2007 - andera Life Sciences In portfolio


Technologie percutanée de remplacement de valves aortiques

02.2019 - andera Life Sciences Sold


Small molecule for the treatment of pharmacoresistant partial epilepsy

06.2011 - andera Life Sciences Sold


Deep brain stimulation system for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease

08.2009 - andera Life Sciences Sold


Force-sensing ablation catheters for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias

10.2008 - andera Life Sciences Sold

SuperSonic Imagine

Ultrasound technology measuring tissue elasticity for cancer detection

10.2009 - andera Life Sciences In portfolio


Development of innovative molecule drugs for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases

04.2013 - andera Life Sciences In portfolio


Development of novel treatments to combat multi drug-resistant bacterial infections