• Xavier joined the management company in July 2016 with the entire ActoMezz team.
  • He has 10 years of experience in acquisition finance at BayernLB and then in the Leveraged Finance department of IKB Deutsche Industriebank. He started his career in the General Inspection department of Paribas.
  • At ActoMezz, Xavier accompanied and sat on the boards of Passman, ADF, Document Store, Abrisud, Emeraude, Skill&You and Rougnon (during the sponsorless transaction).
  • Today, Xavier is a member of the boards of Factoria, Passman, Lease Protect, Kopram, G3S and Ellisphere.
  • Xavier holds an engineering degree from the Ecole Supérieure de l’Energie et des Matériaux and is also a graduate of EM Lyon.
  • He speaks French and English.

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