• Christine joined the management company in July 2016 with the entire Andera Acto team, which she joined in 2011.
  • She began her private equity career with Mezzanis (formerly Crédit Agricole Private Equity) in 2006.
  • Christine has served on the supervisory boards of Groupe Physitek, Sfeir, DP Logiciels, MS Vacances, FH Ortho, Lagarrigue, Furnotel and TimeOne.
  • She sits on the supervisory boards of ECF SPS, Eleven Strategy, Enaco, Sylpa, Tournus Equipement and Solware.
  • Christine is a graduate of IEP Lille and has a Specialized Master in Financial Engineering from EM Lyon.
  • She speaks French and English.

10 great years within the ActoMezz team

Investments of Christine

03.2023 - andera Acto In portfolio


Network of driving schools and leading player in training for the transport, logistics, construction and safety sectors

03.2022 - andera Acto In portfolio

Eleven Strategy

Strategy and data science consulting

11.2021 - andera Acto In portfolio


Leading player in the French e-learning market

09.2021 - andera Acto Sold

DP Logiciels

Software publishers specialising in property management and transaction information systems

01.2021 - andera Acto Sold

Groupe Physitek

Innovative solutions in scientific instrumentation

03.2020 - andera Acto Sold


Mise à disposition de développeurs IT

11.2019 - andera Acto In portfolio


Maintenance électrique

03.2019 - andera Acto In portfolio

Tournus Equipement

Fabrication pour la restauration & le commerce alimentaire

12.2018 - andera Acto Sold


Groupe de laboratoires d'analyses médicales

12.2018 - andera Acto In portfolio


Editeur-Intégrateur de logiciels métiers

09.2017 - andera Acto Sold


Marketing digital

09.2016 - andera Acto Sold

MS Vacances

Groupe de campings 5 étoiles

06.2015 - andera Acto Sold


Equipements de cuisine professionnelle

10.2014 - andera Acto Sold

FH Ortho

Conception, Production et Distribution de prothèses orthopédiques

03.2019 - andera Acto Sold


Service d'accès à internet pour les établissements d'accueil

07.2013 - andera Acto Sold


Distribution d'accessoires et consommables de sciage

04.2011 - andera Acto Sold


Fabrication et distribution de grand appareillage orthopédique

05.2010 - andera Acto Sold


Distribution spécialisée de jeux et jouets

06.2008 - andera Acto Sold


Produits techniques de robinetterie