• Laurent joined the management company in July 2016 with the entire Andera Acto team.
  • Prior to joining Andera Acto at its creation in 2006, he had 7 years of experience in acquisition financing in the Leveraged Finance department of Crédit Lyonnais in London and then at Mezzanis, the mezzanine fund of Crédit Agricole Private Equity.
  • At Andera Acto, Laurent has accompanied and sat on the boards of G3S, HVJ, Delpharm, Cesa, FTS, Rougnon, Skill&You, Emeraude, Abrisud, Sotralu and RG Safety.
  • Laurent is currently a member of the boards of OneXillium, Redslim, Groupe Ozitem, BEA Group, TBS Group, Eleven Strategy, Unaferm, Oberthur, FH Ortho, Walor, Prenax, Ellisphere and SMB/Factoria.
  • Laurent graduated from the University of Paris-Dauphine where he obtained a Master’s degree and a DESS.
  • He is also a graduate of IEP Paris. He speaks French and English.

Zero Wimbledon played, 40 watched on tv

Investments of Laurent

04.2023 - andera Acto In portfolio


Reseller of automation, digitalization and printing solutions

02.2023 - andera Acto In portfolio


International specialist in data management

10.2022 - andera Acto In portfolio

Groupe Ozitem

Key player in technology consulting: managed services, cloud, backup solutions and audiovisual collaboration

07.2022 - andera Acto In portfolio

BEA Group

Broker and specialist in health insurance

03.2022 - andera Acto In portfolio

TBS Group

Software publishing for media and event players

03.2022 - andera Acto In portfolio

Eleven Strategy

Strategy and data science consulting

03.2022 - andera Acto In portfolio

Groupe Unaferm

Manufacture and installation of made-to-measure and top-of-the-range closures

09.2020 - andera Acto Sold


Distribution of printing solutions to SMBs and professionals

07.2019 - andera Acto In portfolio


Business Intelligence

01.2018 - andera Acto Sold


Gestion & optimisation des abonnements presse

11.2017 - andera Acto Sold

Groupe Walor International

Décolletage de pièces automobile

07.2017 - andera Acto Sold

Groupe 3S

Services et assistance aéroportuaires

03.2016 - andera Acto Sold


Systèmes de connectiques automobile et de feux

12.2011 - andera Acto Sold


Distributeur de polyoléfines

12.2014 - andera Acto Sold


Distributeur de polyoléfines

10.2014 - andera Acto Sold

FH Ortho

Conception, Production et Distribution de prothèses orthopédiques

10.2009 - andera Acto Sold


Edition, articles de papeterie et d'écriture, almanachs du facteur

01.2013 - andera Acto Sold


Edition, articles de papeterie et d'écriture, almanachs du facteur

03.2011 - andera Acto Sold

Skill & You (Forma-Dis)

Formation à distance

03.2011 - andera Acto Sold


Conception, fabrication et distribution d'abris de piscine

11.2010 - andera Acto Sold


Installations électriques en courants fort et fabile

07.2010 - andera Acto Sold

Groupe Rougnon

Génie climatique

06.2008 - andera Acto Sold


Technical taps products

02.2008 - andera Acto Sold


Systèmes de fermetures et roulements pour fenêtre

10.2020 - andera Acto In portfolio

Prenax – LM

Improving the process of subscription management