• Jean-Baptiste Bessières joined the management company in July 2016 with the entire Andera Acto team, where he has been working since 2009.
  • Before joining Andera Acto, Jean-Baptiste spent 4 years in Transaction Services at PwC after initial experience in Private Equity and audit.
  • He sits on the supervisory boards of Sanso Longchamp, La Financière Tiepolo, Synacktiv, Sogetrel, Opportunity, Groupe Philogéris, Walor and Prenax.
  • He has also accompanied and sat on the boards of Travelsoft, HVJ, NACC, Emeraude, Cesa, Domidep and RG Safety.
  • Jean-Baptiste is a graduate of ESCP Europe and the WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management in Vallendar, Germany.
  • He speaks French and English.

Investments of Jean-Baptiste

12.2023 - andera Acto In portfolio

Sanso Longchamp

Entrepreneurial asset management company

12.2021 - andera Acto In portfolio


Independent portfolio management company

12.2021 - andera Acto In portfolio


Company of expertise in information systems security

01.2021 - andera Acto In portfolio


Integration and maintenance of digital networks

12.2019 - andera Acto In portfolio


Recouvrement de créances et campagnes marketing automatisées

07.2019 - andera Acto Sold


Edition de logiciels dédiés au secteur du tourisme

10.2018 - andera Acto Partial exit


Société de construction de logements en Île-de-France

01.2018 - andera Acto Sold


Gestion & optimisation des abonnements presse

11.2017 - andera Acto Sold

Groupe Walor International

Décolletage de pièces automobile

10.2017 - andera Acto Sold



03.2016 - andera Acto Sold

La Toulousaine

Conception et fabrication de systèmes de fermeture

03.2016 - andera Acto Sold


Systèmes de connectiques automobile et de feux

02.2016 - andera Acto Sold


Intégration et maintenance de réseaux télécom

09.2015 - andera Acto Sold


Société de recouvrement et de rachat de créances

03.2015 - andera Acto Sold


Courtage en assurances

08.2014 - andera Acto Sold


Prestations de maintenance industrielle multi techniques

02.2016 - andera Acto Sold


Integration and maintenance of telecom networks

11.2010 - andera Acto Sold


Installations électriques en courants fort et fabile

10.2020 - andera Acto In portfolio

Prenax – LM

Improving the process of subscription management