• Stéphane joined the management company in July 2016 with the entire ActoMezz team. Stéphane took charge of ActoMezz in 2011.
  • He started his career in 1996 at 3i before leading the creation of Perfectis Private Equity at Euler-Hermes France in 2000.
  • He became a Partner of the Fund in 2005 and carried out several majority transactions until 2011. At ActoMezz, Stéphane has accompanied and sat on the boards of Cesa, FTS, Vignal Systems, WFC, Rougnon, Furnotel, NACC, Axelliance, Document Store, Passman (during the sponsorless operation), Ludendo (La Grande Récré), MS Vacances and Abrisud.
  • He also accompanied the Stella – La Toulousaine Group. Today, Stéphane is a member of the boards of Sfeir, Opportunity, Travelsoft, Tournus Equipement, Lease Protect, Solware, Kopram and Passman.
  • He also works with Biogroup. Stéphane is a graduate of ESSEC and a graduate engineer from Sup’ Méca Paris.
  • He speaks French and English.

32 (department) Gersois since always

Investments of Stéphane

03.2011 - ActoMezz Sold


Development, production and distribution of swimming pool enclosures

03.2015 - ActoMezz Sold


Insurance brokerage

11.2010 - ActoMezz Sold


Electrical high and low voltage current installations

10.2015 - ActoMezz Sold

Document Store

Printing solutions

06.2015 - ActoMezz Sold


Professional kitchen equipment

07.2010 - ActoMezz Sold

Groupe Rougnon

Climate engineering

06.2015 - Winch Capital Sold

Groupe Rougnon

Métiers multitechniques du bâtiment

07.2013 - ActoMezz In portfolio


Distribution of sawing accessories and consumables

03.2016 - ActoMezz Sold

La Toulousaine

Design and manufacturing of locking systems

05.2010 - ActoMezz Sold


Specialised distribution of toys and games

09.2016 - ActoMezz Sold

MS Vacances

5-star campings group

09.2015 - ActoMezz Sold


Debt collection and purchase

04.2014 - ActoMezz Sold


Internet access service for host institutions

06.2008 - ActoMezz Sold


Technical taps products

02.2008 - ActoMezz Sold


Signalling systems for industrial vehicles

02.2018 - ActoMezz In portfolio


Group of routine medical biology

08.2007 - ActoMezz Sold


Marketing of air freight transport capacity

12.2018 - ActoMezz In portfolio


Specialist software house

01.2019 - ActoMezz In portfolio

Lease Protect

Anti-theft system

03.2019 - ActoMezz In portfolio


Internet access service for host institutions

03.2019 - ActoMezz In portfolio

Tournus Equipement

Manufacture for the catering & the food trade

07.2019 - ActoMezz In portfolio


SaaS platform for the travel industry

12.2019 - ActoMezz In portfolio


Debt recovery & marketing automation

03.2020 - ActoMezz In portfolio


IT developers solutions