• Amira joined the management company in January 2024 as Middle Office in the Andera Infra and Andera Expansion/Croissance teams.
  • She began her career in 2008 in Algiers as a founding partner of Cabinet Mehlal. She worked there for a good decade before moving to France to pursue her passion, specialising in Mergers & Acquisitions and Private Equity.
  • Amira is a business lawyer in France registered with the RNCP since 2019 and has worked as such at DOMSUD and Mondial Concept Solutions, in addition to having been the head and founder of a company specialising in the provision of legal and administrative services.
  • She holds 3 Masters degrees in Business Law / Mergers & Acquisitions and Private Equity (University of Perpignan, Ecole HEAD PARIS, University of Paris Saclay).
  • She speaks French, English, Arabic and Amazigh (Berber).

7 years of Karaté-Do