Paris, 5 December 2023 – The radiologist partners of the Imagerie Cardinet Group have chosen Andera Acto to provide them with support in the financing of the development of their Group. Thanks to this operation, the board of partners added seven new radiologists, and maintains a medical shareholding representing close to 95% of the capital of the group.

Established in 1980, Imagerie Cardinet is a medical imaging group operating in Ile-de-France. The group provides complete healthcare services, with a recognised specialty in imaging for women, couples and children.  Based on its dynamic growth over these past three years, the group now generates close to 30 M€ in turnover throughout 14 centres, grouping more than 80 radiologists with a network of more than 500 referred doctors.

In a rapidly evolving sector, the Cardinet Group is implementing a clear and demanding project seeking to establish a general and specialised medical imaging referencing system in Ile-de-France, within a group controlled by its partner radiologists and supported by a committed management team. The group distinguishes itself notably by the uniqueness of its model integrating new geographical poles or centres of expertise which enable to ensure both a liberal and entrepreneurial DNA. This model enables all radiologist partners to be involved in the development of the group, by offering them a dual shareholding :

  • The first one, on a local level, where they exercise their sovereignty and where the impact of the activities of the partner on the structure is the greatest ;
  • The second one, on an international level, in respect of the holding, enabling all doctors of the group to act as players in the common project.

With the support of Andera Acto, the Imagerie Cardinet Group, surrounded by its radiologists and key managers will have an envelope of almost 100 M€ to finance its developments. In this regard, Imagerie Cardinet will welcome at the end of the year partners from two new centres, enabling the group to strengthen its network in Ile-de-France while initiating its expansion on the international level.

Regarding this phase, Stéphan Octernaud, President of Imagerie Cardinet, explains : “ As radiologist entrepreneurs and investors, we are proud to present an original model intended for radiologist entrepreneurs seeking to accompany the changes in our market while controlling their destiny. In order to accompany our growth, we have decided to carry out a minority fundraising and naturally chose Andero Acto with which we share a common vision of the radiology market. Supported by a management team, we are ready to establish our position and development ”.

Stéphane Bergez, Managing Partner of Andera Acto adds : “ We were immediately attracted by the unique approach of the Imagerie Cardinet Group and its radiologist partners on an actively consolidating market. Their commitment not only to retain a large portion of the capital but also to share it among the radiologist development players is totally in line with our sponsorless philosophy”.  

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