Andera Acto supports Auris Group in restructuring of its capital and in its development strategy

Paris, 29 June 2023


Upon completion of a process coordinated by PAX Corporate Finance, the Auris Group reorganised its capital with the support of Andera Acto, the team responsible for the sponsorless mezzanine strategy of Andera Partners, a first-rate player in the field of investment capital.

Established in 2004, Auris Gestion is an independent management company headed by a team comprised of Marc de Saint Denis, Philippe Krier and Sébastien Grasset. It is organised around two poles :

  • Private Management, headed by Philippe Krier, for wealthy private clients and entrepreneurs ;
  • Asset Management, headed by Sébastien Grasset, specialised in the support of CGP, Family Offices and institutional partners.

The AUM of the Auris Group significantly increased over the past five years from 1.4 billion Euros in 2018 to 3.3 billion Euros in 2023. The Group is established based on a resilient, clear and transparent economic model, mainly comprised of management fees, enabling it to better resist any effects of the market.

Management relies on this partnership to provide support to the Group in the subsequent stages of its development, through both organic and external growth, in establishing a first-rate player in the independent management company sector on a market which is still very fragmented. Consequently, Auris, at the same time of this operation, acquired a management company based in Switzerland representing additional AUM of approximately 250 million Swiss francs. This business combination enables Auris to diversify geographically.


Marc de Saint Denis, President of the Auris Group, specifies :This financial restructuring provides the conditions necessary to sustainably maintain the independence of Auris Gestion, while enabling it to act as a credible player in the on-going consolidation of the market. The Pax Corporate Finance and Andera teams, provided us with support with their expertise and good humour in this exciting new phase ”.


Stéphane Bergez, Associate Manager of Andera Acto adds :This new sponsorless Acto operation in the management company sector demonstrates the relevance of our approach in this area where independence ensures that any advice provided to clients is relevant. We are happy to have the opportunity to offer support to Auris Management and all of its partners in achieving its key growth objective .

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