This strategic alliance enhances Efor’s footprint in Europe and illustrates its external growth strategy by partnering with the best players in the sector to achieve its ambition of becoming a global leader by 2028.

Present in 4 countries and achieving a turnover of €175 million in 2023, the Efor Group has positioned itself in ten years as one of the European leaders in life sciences consulting. Having been able to respond to the constantly evolving needs of the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medtech sectors, as well as increasingly precise scientific and technical requirements, Efor has established itself as a trusted partner for outsourcing operational and strategic activities throughout the product life cycle.

Driven by its dynamism and market recognition, the group aims to extend its international scope, particularly in Europe and the USA, invest in the development of its offerings and expertise, and reach 5,000 employees by 2028. Its strategy will rely in particular on the association with the champions of each geography, sharing the same DNA and driven by the same values.

It is in this context that Efor and the three brands Altogen, Emovia, and Mealys of the Nodarius Group are joining forces. The merger of these two groups, aligned in their expertise, complementary in their geographical footprint, and sharing common values, consolidates their presence in Europe and reaffirms their common vision of becoming a global leader within 5 years.

Founded in 2016 in Mulhouse, the Nodarius Group quickly positioned itself as a reference player in the specialized life sciences consulting market. With 450 employees in France and Switzerland, and a turnover of €40 million in 2023, Nodarius has experienced solid continuous growth in a market that has recognized its expertise and the quality of its services.

Sharing the same entrepreneurial values and the same ethic of social responsibility, Mathieu ROGER, president of the Efor Group and majority shareholder, as well as the three founders of the Nodarius Group, Laurent SCHALL, Stéphane WARDEH and Jérôme HIRTZLIN, who are significantly reinvesting in the capital of the new group formed, all testify to the same sense of collective success and the same ambition to build this large-scale industrial project.

This union was also supported by the powerful consortium accompanying the Efor Group. Composed of the group’s historic partner, RAISE Invest and its philanthropic fund ‘Invest for Childhood’, as well as the recent entrant ANDERA ACTO, the operation’s support is completed by the unitranche financing of CAPZA.

The strategic alliance between Efor and Nodarius embodies a decisive evolution in the landscape of life sciences consulting. With a specialized group of 2,500 employees and a strengthened foothold in Europe and particularly in German-speaking Switzerland, the positioning of the new group formed will enable it to meet the challenges of the sector and achieve its ambition of being a world leader by 2028.


 Mathieu Roger, Founder President of the EFOR Group, states: “The merger between Efor and Nodarius is the result of a shared strategic vision, operational alignment, and a sharing of fundamental values. After discussions with Laurent, Stéphane, and Jérôme, this alliance emerged as a clear choice, reinforcing the development strategy of both groups. It is with great pride that we can now rely on a team of 2,500 employees, all driven by remarkable commitment, a quest for excellence, and a spirit of sharing. I am particularly delighted to welcome the 450 Nodarius employees and to experience this new stage together, which opens up promising prospects, with the guarantee of supporting our clients even more effectively. This strategic alliance ideally positions us to achieve our ambition of becoming a global leader by 2028”.

Laurent Schall, Stéphane Wardeh, and Jérôme Hirtzlin, co-founders of Nodarius, emphasize in unison: “Meeting with Efor and its teams immediately convinced us of the interest in this merger. We share the same DNA and the same ambition. We are excited to start the Efor adventure as a European leader and to look to the future with a global goal. The new group formed also opens up new career prospects for our employees and the assurance of serving our customers with even more expertise and proximity”.

Aymeric Marraud des Grottes, Partner at RAISE Invest, adds “Nodarius had long been identified as a key player in the market. Thus, this third strategic operation since our capital entry fits perfectly with Efor’s desire to support its organic growth by merging with regional champions. Efor thus positions itself as the reference player in specialized health consulting. We are very proud to have been able to participate in this strategic merger”.

Arnaud Faure, Partner at Andera Partners, adds “This acquisition, realized few weeks after our capital entry, fits perfectly with the buy-and-build strategy defined together. This merger between Efor and Nodarius enables the group to be undisputed leader in France and Switzerland, and while strengthening its footprint in Europe. With more than 2,500 employees who share common vision and values, the Group has the resources to become a leading player internationally.”

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