• David began his career at BNP Paribas as an analyst in the M&A team.
  • He joined TCR Capital as a Senior Associate upon its foundation in 1997.
  • He was promoted to Director in 2001, Associate Partner in 2005 and then Partner and member of the Management Board in 2007, serving latterly as Deputy Managing Partner.
  • Over the course of his 18 years at the firm, David contributed to the firm’s growth as its assets under management rose from €80 million to €350 million and its team expanded from 5 to 12 people.
  • He took part in the fundraising for 3 funds and in the launch of a smallcap business, and carried out over fifteen transactions with a total investment volume of more than €200 million.
  • With this experience in the midcap LBO segment under his belt, David joined Andera Partners as a Partner in April 2015 to serve as joint head of the smallcap business.
  • David holds an MSG degree and a Master’s degree in Financial Engineering from EM Lyon.
  • He speaks french and english.

Investments of David

01.2024 - andera Expansion/Croissance In portfolio


Leading business performance consultancy

11.2021 - andera Expansion/Croissance In portfolio

Immo City

Administration of residential real estate in Ile-de-France

07.2021 - andera Expansion/Croissance In portfolio


Wealth Management Consulting Group

07.2019 - andera Expansion/Croissance In portfolio


Conseil en transformation & organisation

07.2017 - andera Expansion/Croissance In portfolio

Loyalty Company

Conseil en communication & marketing

07.2017 - andera Expansion/Croissance Sold

In’Tech Medical

Fabricants d'instruments chirurgicaux orthopédiques

06.2017 - andera Expansion/Croissance In portfolio


Gestion de flux documentaires

06.2017 - andera Expansion/Croissance Sold


Réseau de salles de fitness

10.2016 - andera Expansion/Croissance Sold


Fabrication de circuits imprimés de haute fiabilité

10.2020 - andera Expansion/Croissance In portfolio


Edition de logiciels RH de planification et gestion des temps de travail

10.2015 - andera Expansion/Croissance Sold


Spécialiste de la location financière sur mesure

09.2015 - andera Expansion/Croissance In portfolio


Fabrication de tissu technique pour le nautisme et l’industrie

06.2013 - andera Expansion/Croissance Sold

Volta Croissance

Réhabilitation et maintenance électrique de logements sociaux en Ile-de-France

11.2018 - andera Expansion/Croissance Sold

Groupe Orest

Jewellery creation and manufacturing

10.2020 - andera Expansion/Croissance In portfolio


Edition of HR software for management of working hours

07.2016 - andera Expansion/Croissance Sold


Time and attendance and access control solutions