Andera Partners – a leading investment firm dedicated to small- and medium-sized companies in France and internationally – has raised a final amount of €233 million for its Andera Smart Infra 1 fund. This success illustrates the growing interest of investors in green infrastructure and confirms the investment strategy of the Andera Infra team, which joined Andera Partners in February 2021.

The fundraising of Andera Smart Infra 1 highlights the strong interest of investors (including the European Investment Fund under InvestEU) in green infrastructure, resulting from renewable energy and ecological transition requirements.

This dynamic confirms the innovative approach adopted by the Andera Infra team which, since joining Andera Partners in February 2021, has implemented an investment strategy based on value added in key sectors such as renewable energy production and storage, sustainable mobility solutions and ecological data centres.

The Andera Infra team has generated minority and majority investments for individual amounts ranging between €5 and €30 million, alongside entrepreneurs in the renewable energy transition sector and shareholder-managers, closely involved in the capital of their companies in transitioning to the next level.

With this strategy seeking active management and the optimization of financial performances, Andera Infra seeks to play a key role in providing an enhanced transition toward a greener and more sustainable economy.

The Andera Smart Infra 1 fund is an IMPACT fund and also an SFDR Article 9 fund, promoting environmental and social characteristics under its investment strategy.

With seven investments already carried out in France and in Spain, and five ongoing investments, Andera Smart Infra 1 is currently invested at 51 %. Andera Infra thus invested in the following companies :

  • Ingenostrum, a key player in renewable energy transition in Spain – December 2023
  • Mylight 150, a group leader in renewable energy transition, specialised in the development and distribution of intelligent energy management systems and solar self-supply solutions – November 2023
  • Qovoltis, a French developer, manufacturer and distributor of French solutions for electric vehicles – December 2022
  • Kyotherm, a player specialised in the co-development, financing and management of renewable energy production or energy savings projects – February 2022
  • TerrA, wholly-owned by Andera Smart Infra 1, Terr.A is a platform specialised in the development, investment and operation of renewable energies – February 2022
  • Lhyfe, a producer and supplier of green and ecological hydrogen – February 2022
  • Watt&Co, a player developing renewable energy projects, and which already operates more than 30MW of power plants and plans to build several hundred additional MW in the coming years – January 2022

 The Andera Infra team also manages a new investment tool, the Terra Nea Fund, an impact fund dedicated to the financing of projects relating to renewable energy and ecological transition in the South Region with a target size of 45 million Euros.

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