Now that it is assuming its independence, the Board of Partners at Andera Partners is electing its new members who will be working to further the development and growth of the management company.

The Board of Partners will be appointing the new management duo at Andera Partners for a two-year term.

This new board of partners comprises 10 members, appointed from among the 15 associate directors from the four Andera Partners franchises, ActoMezz, BioDiscovery, Cabestan Capital and Winch Capital. Two associate directors are from ActoMezz, three from BioDiscovery, two from Cabestan Capital and three from Winch Capital. The Board of Partners is the body for policy and decision-making of the management company. Pierre-Yves Poirier, of Winch Capital, joined the management company in 1999 while Stéphane Bergez, of ActoMezz, joined the management company in 2016. They have been appointed Managers of Andera Partners for a two-year term, succeeding Antoine Le Bourgeois and Gilles Nobécourt. Management applies the decisions of the Board and leads the management company on a daily basis.

This renewed governance has become reality only 100 days after the management company becoming totally independent, as illustrated by the new name, Andera Partners. The mission of this board shall be, among other things, leading Andera Partners to its goal of 4 billion euros of assets under management within five years. “Our management company has successfully achieved two significant milestones: putting a very attractive governance model in place two years ago as well as the recent spin-off of the EdR group. Pierre-Yves Poirier tells us that, “development and growth shall thus be the guiding forces for the missions of this new board.” “Whether for development of the current teams, the integration of complementary teams or new offers, we are now assessing the different opportunities available to us,” explains Stéphane Bergez.

Effective as of 1 July 2018, these changes in governance are being enacted with the retirement of Pierre-Michel Passy, founding partner of the management company and of its first fund in 1996.

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