Andera Partners, a leading private equity house – notably in small- to medium-sized companies through its Andera Expansion activity – becomes the minority financial sponsor of Meogroup, a leading business performance consultancy. Andera Partners carries out this investment alongside Richard Caron, President, founder and majority shareholder of the group, Thibaud Cavelier de Cuverville, CEO, and their management team.

Since its inception by Richard Caron in 2005, Meogroup has specialised in providing operational support to its clients in their performance challenges. Based in France and present in Europe (Belgium, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Luxembourg) and internationally (Canada, Brazil, Morocco), the group employs more than 850 people and generates a turnover of €100m.

The Meogroup service offering was historically focused on operational consulting in purchasing and project management through its Meotec brand. Thanks to its continuous growth over the past 19 years, Meogroup has expanded its expertise to supply chain, strategic consulting in indirect purchasing, financial controlling, redesign-to-cost, digital, recruitment, transition management and training services.

The management team expects to accelerate future growth in the years to come thanks to the broadening of its service offering and its geographical footprint and thanks to the pursuit of its targeted external growth strategy, which resulted in five acquisitions over these past three years: Cristal Décisions and Masaï in 2021, and EIPM, SolvH.A and Cost House in 2023.

A pool of senior financing, led by LCL and Crédit Agricole Ile-de-France as arrangers, complements the financing of the transaction and provides the group with an additional external growth financing credit facility.


Richard Caron and Thibaud Cavelier, President and CEO at Meogroup: “We are delighted to enter into this collaboration with David Robin and the Andera Partners team to provide us with support in this new phase of our development. Andera Partners is a leading player which shares our values and entrepreneurial culture. We are convinced that their expertise combined with their sound knowledge of our industry will enable us to accelerate our development by pursuing our external and organic growth dynamic internationally”.

David Robin, Partner at Andera Partners: “Richard Caron, Thibaud Cavelier and their management team have succeeded in a period of several years in making Meogroup a leader in operational performance consulting in France and in Europe. The position of Meogroup as a multispecialist on a resilient and fragmented market, its strong HR and entrepreneurial culture, as well as its clear and ambitious development plan, convinced us to support them in this new development phase”.

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ANDERA PARTNERS attire votre attention sur les tentatives de fraudes avec usurpation d’identité qui sévissent actuellement. Les techniques de phishing (ou hameçonnage) évoluent en permanence et sont de plus en plus sophistiquées.

Ces pratiques frauduleuses qui touchent ANDERA PARTNERS, invitent les particuliers à investir dans des comptes à terme et autres produits d’épargne fictifs sous l’identité d’ ANDERA PARTNERS (Andera Co-Invest notamment), et celles de ses collaborateurs et membres des organes de direction, via une adresse fictive et des appels téléphoniques.

Nous vous invitons à la plus grande vigilance si vous receviez ce type de sollicitations. ANDERA PARTNERS ne propose pas de compte à terme et n’a recours à aucun démarchage auprès du public, ni par téléphone ni par courriel.

Les fraudeurs ne manquent pas d'imagination pour piéger leurs victimes. Leurs actions visent à récupérer à leur insu et de manière indue des données financières, en incitant leurs victimes à réaliser des transactions dématérialisées.
En cas de doute, pour vous protéger et protéger ANDERA PARTNERS, nous vous invitons à :

*   Vous méfier des demandes inattendues, même si elles semblent provenir de dirigeants ou membre d’organes de direction d’ANDERA PARTNERS ;

*   Vérifier l’adresse de l’expéditeur. Les adresses électroniques des collaborateurs d’ANDERA PARTNERS utilisent un seul et même format : initialedupré Les adresses globales sont ainsi libellées : ;

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La priorité d'ANDERA PARTNERS est de protéger ses clients et ses activités contre la fraude.
Si vous êtes victime d'une tentative d’escroquerie, veuillez contacter les relations investisseurs à l’adresse suivante :

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ANDERA PARTNERS would like to draw your attention to fraud attempts involving identity theft that are currently rife. Phishing techniques are constantly evolving and becoming increasingly sophisticated.

These fraudulent practices, which affect ANDERA PARTNERS, invite individuals to invest in term accounts and other fictitious savings products under the identity of ANDERA PARTNERS (Andera Co-Invest in particular), and those of its employees and members of the management company, via a fictitious address and telephone calls.

Please be extremely vigilant if you receive this type of solicitation. ANDERA PARTNERS does not offer term accounts and does not canvass the public by telephone or e-mail.

Fraudsters do not lack imagination to trap their victims. Their actions are aimed at unknowingly and improperly recovering financial data, by encouraging their victims to carry out dematerialised transactions.
If in doubt, to protect yourself and ANDERA PARTNERS, we invite you to :

* Be wary of unexpected requests, even if they appear to come from ANDERA PARTNERS managers or members of management bodies;

* Check the sender's address. The e-mail addresses of ANDERA PARTNERS employees use a single format: initialedupré Global addresses are written as follows: ;

* Never click on a link asking you to share confidential information and never respond to online financial requests;

* Report any suspicious message that asks you to take immediate action.

ANDERA PARTNERS' priority is to protect its customers and its business against fraud.
If you are the victim of a fraud attempt, please contact Investor Relations at the following address:

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