Under the aegis of Fondation de France, the Andera Partners Foundation will support non-profits operating in four areas: the environment, health, education and the fight against discrimination.

Andera Partners, a responsible and committed private equity company, creates the Andera Partners Foundation. By creating a foundation, Andera Partners is renewing its commitment to the non-profit sector and building on its CSR pledges.

This initiative arose from Andera Partners’ desire to have a greater impact on its ecosystem and to bring together communities and its teams to meet long-term challenges. The Andera Partners Foundation will act at different levels, mainly by providing financial support and skills in the form of corporate patronage, but also through its teams’ direct involvement in initiatives on the ground.

Andera Partners aims to focus on long-term support for non-profits involved in meaningful, high-impact actions. To that end, the Foundation will direct its support to four areas that the management company has identified as priorities for its engagement in sustainable development challenges: environmental protection, education, health and the fight against discrimination.

Sylvain Charignon and Raphaël Wisniewski, investment managers at Andera Partners, commented: “With the Andera Partners Foundation, we intend to take concrete action on these major issues, which concern the whole of society. We hope to use our commitments alongside non-profit organisations to have an impact on our ecosystem and apply Andera’s founding philosophy: the power of the collective, or ‘the power of and’”.

Hosting by Fondation de France will give the Andera Partners Foundation greater visibility on the third sector and enable it to put in place joint actions in its four priority areas and thereby help consolidate the solidarity and responsibility ecosystem.

Andera Partners’ teams are already active in these areas: since 2019, for example, the management company has been providing financial support and human resources to the H’up entrepreneurs and Capitales mentoring associations, the first of which works with entrepreneurs with disabilities and the second disadvantaged young people. Andera Partners’ teams will now also be working with the Project Rescue Ocean Foundation, which takes concrete action to protect seas and oceans. Lastly, in the area of health, the Andera Partners Foundation supports Association Laurette Fugain, which fights leukaemia, and La Maison des Femmes, a one-stop care facility for women in difficulty or victims of violence.

“We firmly believe that companies are one of the places where solidarity still exists. We are resolute in our goal to leverage our influence to give this solidarity full voice, beyond the simple confines of our profession,” added Sylvain Charignon and Raphaël Wisniewski.



About Capitales

Capitales is a non-profit association founded in 1992 to help disadvantaged young people start out in working life. https://www.associationcapitales.com/

About H’up entrepreneurs

H’up uses a team of 180 volunteer professionals to help entrepreneurs with disabilities develop successful businesses. https://h-up.fr/

About Project Rescue Ocean

The Project Rescue Ocean association seeks to raise awareness among the general public, especially young people, about the state of the environment, seas and oceans. It organises both beach and inland clean-up operations that give people everywhere the chance to act. https://projectrescueocean.org/

About Association Laurette Fugain

Association Laurette Fugain, which fights leukaemia, has worked since 2002 on three main missions: supporting paediatric and adult medical research into leukaemia, campaigning for the vital blood, platelet and bone marrow donations needed for patient recovery pathways, and helping patients and their families. https://www.laurettefugain.org/

About La Maison des Femmes

La Maison des Femmes is a one-stop care facility in Saint-Denis for women who are in difficulty or victims of violence. Affiliated to Saint-Denis Hospital, it is also involved in prevention actions, education and public health. https://www.lamaisondesfemmes.fr/

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