Our commitments to our entrepreneurs

Our commitments go way beyond the financial resources we are able to provide. Building on shared values and providing access to all our fields of expertise is at the very heart of our mission.

Our values of partnership, find out what our entrepreneurs have to say

Our commitments

Our commitments in favour of responsible development

We provide investment focus while remaining fully responsible. We have embodied this commitment in a Responsible Investment Charter signed by all our employees.

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Constructing relationships based on trust; values embracing ethics, transparency and responsibility; building and protecting assets while promoting good environmental practices.

Our community

We believe that networking is a vital factor in transformation within a constantly changing economic environment.

Fully aware of the issues and challenges faced by our entrepreneurs, the members of our network are committed to pooling their experience to offer effective advice and good practices.

Our community is composed of all our entrepreneurs, our partners from the business world, other professional bodies and influencers within the wider economy.

Entrepreneur Meetings

The managers of our current and past investments hold regular discussions, notably at our “Entrepreneur Meetings”. This seasonal get-together presents the opportunity to benefit from advice covering various topical themes, to receive practical feedback and to develop your network in a relaxed setting.

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