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EdRIP is announcing the fundraising for ActoMezz III, a fund dedicated to mezzanine investment, primarily sponsorless, that is closing its hard cap at 300 million euros. This fundraising reinforces the positioning of the ActoMezz team and the management company as a key player in sponsorless transactions in France.

One year after having integrated the mezzanine investment into its offer, EdRIP is pursuing the development of this business through this new fund. A preferred partner of executives who wish to maximise their capital holding, the ActoMezz team is comforting its positioning on the segment of the French SMEs known as “smid caps”. The amounts invested will range between 5 to 45 million euros, following the example of the previous funds.

Initiated in January 2017 and finalised in May, it is the first ActoMezz fundraising carried out over such a short term. The hard cap initial of 275 million euros was raised to 300 million euros in order to respond to the demand of institutional investors, and accounts for an increase of more than 40% compared to the previous fund. The investors present during the previous funds overwhelmingly renewed their trust. ActoMezz also welcomes new institutional clients and family offices.

“This remarkable fundraising is a vote of confidence by our historical investors regarding the expertise of our team, the coherency and discipline of our strategy” emphasises Stéphane Bergez, Associate Director and Head of ActoMezz. “It also confirms the relevance of our strategic choices for development at EdRIP,” he specifies. Actually, since his arrival in July 2016, ActoMezz has been able to take advantage of substantial support from common and new institutional clients within a management company with the same DNA support of an entrepreneur.

ActoMezz has carried out 37 transactions since its creation in 2006 and is recognised among the leading expert mezzanine teams in France. Further reinforced by the recent arrival of 2 new staff members, ActoMezz now has 8 investors, including 3 associate directors.

The team has been quite busy over the past few months:

  • investments in open-air accommodations through the MS Vacances group, and the airport services through G3S ALYZIA;
  • exits from the Lagarrigue groups, a specialist in orthopaedic prostheses and Emeraude, a distributor of basic primary plastic materials to emerging countries; and
  • refinancings of the Kopram groups, leader in the distribution of consumables and cutting attachment, Passman, provider of internet access solutions, Skill & You, distance learning, and Marie Laure PLV, a manufacturer of POS material.

and is preparing several transactions for fall 2017, including three investments and one sale.

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